For over four months now Albert Douglas has been locked up in the Barton Street jail in Hamilton, Ontario. He faces a number of charges including assault and attempted murder. The serious charges stem from an alleged confrontation between Douglas and American government agents at the Douglas Creek reclamation site in Caledonia.

On June 9th 2006 an undercover American ATF vehicle was spotted driving past the reclamation site, the occupants taking photographs of those involved. According to the police Albert Douglas hijacked the vehicle and assaulted those inside, one officer subsequently decided to jump from the vehicle and was injured. After this incident a country wide arrest warrant was issued and Douglas was arrested during a routine traffic stop on Highway 401 on September 27th 2007.

Being a member of the Kanienkekhake tribe Albert Douglas is a member of a nation independent of Canada, and therefore is being forced through the gears of a legal system that has no jurisdiction over him. This idea is shared by many who support him, from both within his community and individuals outside of it who feel that his actions were justified to protect his community and land. The courts however have ignored this and are proceeding with the trial as planned, no surprise considering Canada routinely violates international conventions when dealing with aboriginals.

Apart from the standard dehumanizing conditions that all prisoners face, Douglas’ treatment has been particularly harsh. His disclosure information, required to get proceedings underway and build a defense, has been repeatedly delayed. The massive amounts information is only available to him on a computer for a few hours a day so this process in itself has been drawn out as long as possible as Douglas is locked away in solitary.

The Colour of Poverty

Racism is not just an individual problem of attitude toward a particular group: it is also systemic and structural, inherent in institutions such as the education, health, and justice systems. The Colour of Poverty Campaign (www.colourofpoverty.ca) raises awareness of these inequalities and suggests ways to work toward equality and inclusion in Ontario, explains Kathryn Hunt

The Dominion At 50

After its recent very special edition on the tar sands, Greg Macdougall picks up a copy of the Dominion and considers its radical media making.

At 50 issues, the Dominion paper is on their Own Your Media tour across Canada this March. The name of the tour implies the concept they're trying to get across - building awareness and support for the coop model the Dominion now functions under.

Online Forums and Building Movement

Anarchistblackcat.org is a moderated discussion board, set up by platformist anarchists. It was set up for a number of different reasons, here one of the moderators gives us her take on why the site was set up and what role it can play in our movement.

Compelled To Remain Alien

By Edward Wong

In the wake of racist remarks made by Toronto city councilor Rob Ford, where he generalizes about Asians and rhetorically suggests a 'take over' by Asians, it is imperative that we look at the history of discrimination and racism directed towards the Chinese, perpetrated by governments and business interests, here in Canada.

A Living Wage

A full time job should keep you OUT of poverty, not IN it! Is that not the cure prescribed by politicians and much of the public for poverty: to merely have people who are homeless and on assistance get a job? Meg R. looks at the issue of a living wage.

Although never a sufficient solution to end poverty, the attainment of a full time job used to provide some recourse for the reduction of the intensity of poverty experienced.

U of T President uses police aggression to walk over student concerns

Tuesday March 25, 4:10 PM
Simcoe Hall (27 King's College Circle)
University of Toronto
Map: http://tinyurl.com/2oatgu
ACTION ITEM: Statements of solidarity and support; endorse and organize a contingent for the rally. [/b]

Join us in a peaceful demonstration outside the University of Toronto's administration building to protest police aggression against students and rising fees: Tuesday March 25, 4:10 PM, outside Simcoe Hall (27 King's College

Simcoe Hall Sit-In - Photo Essay

Photos from the Student Sit-in, demanding an end to rent increases and dialogue with the administration.

University of Toronto Students Occupy President's Office

Press Release

[b]University of Toronto Students Occupy President's Office
Police violence used to force students out[/b]


March 21, 2008 – Toronto

March 20, 2008 thirty-five University of Toronto students occupied Simcoe Hall, the home of the President's Office, to protest a 20% fee increase. The nonviolent sit-in was accompanied with a peaceful rally outside the building—until the police began brutalizing those inside. This was captured by multiple video cameras.

No 2010 Olympics: Interview with Pete St-Antoine of Peoples Global Action (PGA) Bloc Ottawa

Common Cause Ottawa interview with Pete St-Antoine of Peoples Global Action (PGA) Bloc Ottawa

Q. Could you introduce yourself?

I’m Pete St-Antoine and I organize with Peoples Global Action (PGA) Bloc Ottawa.

Q. PGA Ottawa is organizing around the No 2010 campaign against the Olympics in Vancouver. What are the reasons that you’re opposing it?

There are lots of reasons we’re opposing the Olympics. One of the main ones is that they’re happening on stolen (aboriginal) land. That’s one on the main things that people are rallying around in Vancouver. People are losing their land and they’re also seeing a lot of land being destroyed. A lot of mountains are being destroyed right now. There are huge expansions right now of many resorts. Sun Peaks is one of them. They are countless resorts that are being expanded for the Olympics as part of the infrastructure and also because of the huge amount of traffic that they’re expecting during that time period.

That’s destroying people’s land. People have been losing houses but its also destroying also a lot of the things people rely on to support themselves like the water, the mountains.

A lot of the (traditional) hunting that was happening isn’t happening anymore because it’s being replaced by ski-hills. When Kanahus Pellkey and Dustin Johnson (of the Native Youth Movement), were here two weeks ago they were talking about how people they knew would hunt in some of those mountains that are now being developed are no longer able to…

Also the Sea to Sky Highway which is being upgraded between Vancouver to Whistler. One of the things that the International Olympic Committee did when they accepted Vancouver’s bid for the Olympics was the requirement that they revamp the Sea to Sky Highway….Right now the province is spending $736 million on that highway just to cut the driving time by fifteen minutes. It’s pretty ridiculous. It’s also happening on stolen land.