Learning from the Greek Uprising

Patrick Murtagh

On December 6, 2008 it was not a dark and stormy night when the shot rang out, but it soon became so as a police bullet killed 15 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos. Not that such incidents are unusual. According to a spokesman for the anarchosyndicalist Greek ESE “dozens of Greeks have been killed by the police” since the end of the military dictatorship in 1973.

Black Anarchism and Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

Jeremy O’Toole

In order to remain relevant, anarchists should strive for our theory to be a culmination of teachings from individuals and communities in struggle and revolt against capitalism and domination. Black anarchism is a term used to describe the contributions made by black revolutionaries to anarchist thought and towards a movement that is tailored to their own experience.

Ashanti Alston: Anarchist Panther

Andrew Loucks

Justice for Gaza: why we cry out

Andrew Loucks

The Israeli government strangles and plans an attack on Gaza for months, times its provocation for the biggest of US election days, then launches an audaciously brutal bombardment upon a people trapped in the most densely populated land in the world. It bombs infrastructure, schools, mosques, homes and aid depots, leaving hundreds of thousands without power, clean water, adequate food and access to medical care.

Toronto: Solidarity picket w/ Greek Uprising THIS Friday (Jan 9, 2009)


Recognize the system as flawed and transform it!

What: Solidarity rally with the Greek uprising
When: THIS Friday Jan 9 at 12 NOON
Where: Outside the Consulate General of Greece at 365 Bloor St. E (at Sherbourne)

Sponsored by: Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students, Common Cause, CUPE 3903, CUPE 3907, No One Is Illegal Toronto and Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

Why: Privatization of education, corporatization of campuses, barriers to immigration, police repression, poverty and institutionalized racism all led to the current uprising in Greece. We are struggling here with the very same issues! This is why we stand with our brothers and sisters in Greece.

Hamilton Rally to Defend Gaza

On about 48 hours notice, at least 120 rallied and marched in opposition to the siege and bombardment of Gaza in Hamilton today, letting fellow citizens hear their outrage through chants, leaflets and local media outlets. “Defend Gaza,” an ad-hoc committee formed to organize against the Gaza siege, called the event. Other organizers in Hamilton arranged for buses to take people to Toronto's rally.

As the Israeli military begins a ground invasion, it was reported from the bull horn at the demonstration that local activists have recently lost family members in Gaza to Israeli military bombs. Right now, to stand with those calling for an end to this imperialist brutality is the least we can do. In the future, if strategies like divestment from Israel, diplomatic pressure and disentanglement from US empire are to be seriously implemented, we have our own work to do here at home to achieve a political system capable of taking these actions.

The Hamilton branch of Common Cause spoke briefly at the rally and endorsed the event, along with the Arab Women's League, Hamilton Palestinian Association, McMaster Muslims for Peace & Justice, Canadian Arab Federation & others. Defend Gaza and will continue leafleting Monday at McMaster University and Tuesday at King and James. On Wednesday evening there will be an open forum to discuss further action.

Defend Gaza can be reached at defendgaza(at)gmail.com for further information.

Ontario anarchist discussion forum created!

In conjunction with Common Cause, the popular international anarchist discussion forum anarchistblackcat.org has now added a forum specific for for anarchists and those interested in anarchism in Ontario.

Like the other forums there a high level of discussion will be maintained through post-posting moderation according to a set of transparent rules.

To read and post to the new public anarchist Ontario forum go to: http://anarchistblackcat.org/viewforum.php?f=61

For our part, Common Cause will be regularly posting original news and opinion articles on the board as well as our website and it's probably the best place to drop in and have a chat with our members outside of a local social event or meeting.

Topics under discussion include;
- York University workers on strike
- G8 2010 Huntsville, Ontario
- Ontario solidarity with Greece?
- Debt and Exploitation: The Coming Economic Crisis
- Hamilton organizing against health care cuts
- Mohawk Anarcha-Indigenist Taiaiake Alfred Speaks at McMaster

Again, to read and post to the new public Ontario anarchist forum go to: http://anarchistblackcat.org/viewforum.php?f=61

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Looking forward to talking more with you!
The members of Common Cause

Anarchism and the Psychology of Motivation

In the world we're fighting for (one without property or exchange, without classes or money, without a coercive state) the things that typically compel people to work under capitalism will have lost their hold over us. Why then, we're often asked, would anyone engage in productive labour?

Anarchists respond that people will be intrinsically motivated toward tasks which they find interesting and useful, that humans have an innate tendency toward creative, productive pursuits. To some, this makes intuitive sense. Others require a little more convincing, and it's hard to blame them. Our boilerplate response is lacking because it requires people to take for granted this proposed human tendency without an explanation of where that tendency comes from.

Without knowing it, Deci & Ryan (1985, 2000), the principal architects of Self-Determination Theory (SDT), have made progress in solving that problem. In short, SDT proposes that humans have an innate tendency toward personal growth and integration of themselves with the world around them, but that it is only realized insofar as our psychological needs for (get this:) relatedness, competence, and autonomy are satisfied. When a social context satisfies those needs, people are intrinsically motivated toward activity.People show increased well-being, greater persistence at difficult tasks, and fewer negative psychological symptoms.

By contrast, whenever those needs are unsatisfied , intrinsic motivation decreases. Interesting to note is the effect of tangible, expected rewards on people who are already intrinsically motivated toward a task. Such reward contingencies shift one's perceived locus of causality - that is, the place from which one perceives volition of their activities coming - from internal to external. This shift to external motivation undermines the satisfaction of autonomy needs, and in so doing decreases intrinsic motivation. Sounds a lot like work under capitalism!

Greece: We didn't need another martyr

We didn't need another martyr

Solidarity with the Greek anarchist movement and with the victims of repression, international solidarity with all social struggles, in Greece and in the rest of Europe!

[Italiano] [Castellano] [Ελληνικά] [Français] [Nederlands]

While Greece was preparing for its general strike on Wednesday 10 December against the Karamanlis government and against the economic crisis, and with the grassroots mobilisation in schools and universities growing for some time against proposed reforms, Alexandros Grigoropolous, only 16 years old, was the unlucky choice to become victim and scapegoat of the police apparatus and was killed in cold blood by the State's forces of repression.

The economic crisis sparked off by international capitalism against the exploited of the whole world, which is being managed with measures imposing general impoverishment by the States, is damaging the fragile equilibriums and the precarious alliances of power between groups of power and both right-wing and centre-left parties, enabling us to see the true anti-democratic, subversive vocation of the State and its apparatus of (in)security): alienation, criminalisation and the elimination of social opposition.

It happened with Carlo Giuliani in Genoa in 2001, it has happened many times in recent years in place like Palestine and Oaxaca in Mexico. Last Saturday it happened in Greece.

At the moment thousands of school students are demonstrating outside police headquarters in Athens, but also in a great many cities and towns all over Greece.