London's Prisoner Justice Film Festival

On the weekend of February 8th, London, Ontario is hosting a Prisoners Justice Film Festival. The wide ranging festival features short films and presentations on topics that are problematic with how humans are treated when they are forced into government detention.

On Friday, February 8th, the focus is on Queer, Trans, and 2 Spirit perspectives. This evening will have 5 films shown, and also will contain presentations from speakers who work with people who face discrimination within the Prison Industrial Complex. The event will be held at the Central Library (251 Dundas) starting at 7pm.

On Saturday, February 9th, the location shifts to Old East Studios (755 Dundas), and will begin at 1pm. There will be 3 different series presented on this day, starting with films based on Immigration and Indigenous people, and the state violence that is perpetuated against them. 5 films will be shown in this segment, which is hosted by No One Is Illegal London.

The next session that begins at 4:30, will be on Women and Mental Health issues, with a focus on the death of Ashley Smith. There will be a film detailing the issues surrounding the process which led up to her death, a discussion on the inquiry, as well as two written pieces from women who are currently detained within the prison system.

The final presentation on Saturday will begin at 7pm, and will shift its attention to Political Prisoners and the criminization of dissent within Canada. The films shown will be about G20 resistance activists who were pre-emptively arrested before the summit in Toronto.

On Sunday, February 10th, the festival continues at Old East Studios, starting at 1pm. The films shown will be focused on the struggles of political prisoners from Columbia and Cuba. Currently there are over 10,000 political prisoners in Columbia, and this segment will describe efforts of people who worked to create a better situation for their community, only to be thrown in jail for doing such.

The final event of the weekend is a panel discussion on Resisting the Prison Industrial Complex: From Reform to Abolition. This panel will begin at 5pm, and will feature speakers who presented various topics during the festival.

For more information, please find the website which includes more in depth content on all of the films and speakers at[b][/b]

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