Harper Dégage! Beat Back the Tory Attack!

Hundreds march in Ottawa to oppose the Conservative Party national convention and Prime Minister Harper's keynote speech, his first major address since gaining a majority government.

The call to rally was to "make clear to the Conservative Party that we will not sit idly by while they attack our communities."

00:15 - Dan Sawyer, Take The Capital
01:25 - Brigette DePape, the 'rogue page' - more: http://youtu.be/kpAaFode3yY
03:13 - Lynn Bue, Canadian Union of Postal Workers - more: http://youtu.be/LDiRN2qYGKk
06:26 - Mohan Mishra, No One Is Illegal Toronto
09:32 - Mostafah Henaway, TADAMON!
12:36 - Bridget Tolley, Families of Sisters In Spirit
21:19 - Ben Powless, Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement - more: http://youtu.be/tlqud05PPIc & (written) http://bit.ly/l9vmJF
22:18 - Liisa Schofield, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty -more: http://youtu.be/0RKy1xPWbNw

Soundtrack features LAL at 18:38 - http://lalforest.com

Website: http://takethecapital.wordpress.com
Email: takethecapital@gmail.com
Twitter: @june10resist - http://twitter.com/june10resist
& #takethecapital - http://twitter.com/search?q=%23takethecapital

Endorsing organizations:
No One Is Illegal (Ottawa) ~~ No One Is Illegal (Montreal) ~~ Canadian Union of Postal Workers (National) ~~ Common Cause (Ottawa) ~~ Under Pressure (Ottawa) ~~ Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement (Ottawa) ~~ Comité Harper Dégage! (Montréal) ~~ Pro-Choice Coalition of Ottawa ~~ FIRST: Feminists Advocating for Rights and Equality for Sex Workers (Vancouver) ~~ Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (Vancouver) ~~ Prostitutes of Ottawa: Work, Educate Resist! ~~ NOWAR-PAIX (Ottawa) ~~ Drug Users Advocacy League (Ottawa) ~~ Students Against Israeli Apartheid (Carleton University) ~~ Families of Sisters In Spirit ~~ People's Commission Network (Montreal) ~~ Tadamon! (Montreal) ~~ Immigrant Workers Centre (Montreal) ~~ Ottawa Raging Grannies ~~ Climate Justice Ottawa ~~ Le Collectif de recherche sur l'autonomie (Montréal) ~~ Agitate! Queer People Of Colour (Ottawa) ~~ 2110 center for Gender Advocacy (Montréal) ~~ Solidarity Across Borders (Montréal) ~~ Comité opposé à la Brutalité Policière (Montréal) ~~ Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (Toronto) ~~ Socialist Solidarity (Vancouver) ~~ End the Prison Industrial Complex (Kingston) ~~ Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault (Toronto) ~~ Queer McGill (Montréal) ~~ Student Christian Movement (Ottawa) ~~ Canadian Auto Workers Local 567

Video by Greg Macdougall of http://EquitableEducation.ca

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