Common Cause stands with striking postal workers

June 3, 2011

Denis Lemelin
National President
Canadian Union of Postal Workers
377 Bank St.
Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y3

Brother Lemelin,

We wish to send all of the 48,000 members of CUPW our solidarity in your struggle against Canada Post's attack on CUPW member's working conditions and wages.

We are with you in your fight to prevent a two-tiered workforce where new hires are only paid 75% of what other workers make for doing the same work. Equal pay for equal work is a corner-stone of the labour movement and must never be compromised.

As we write this letter workers in the CUPW locals in Winnipeg are on the picket lines. We are reminded of the bravery they showed early this year in the wildcat strikes against the horribly dangerous new two-bundle delivery method that CPC is implemented as part of the so-called “modern post”. As you know, this delivery method has led to a significant increase in workplace injuries of letter carriers in Winnipeg where the system was first introduced last fall. As workers, our health and safety on the job must always be paramount.

It is particularly disgusting in that context that Canada Post is trying to take away CUPW members hard-fought right to sick days and replace them with an inferior “short term disability” plan. We saw this very same attack imposed on the workers of Toronto's public sector unions and stand with CUPW to prevent its spread nationally.

We want to also recognize the long-standing and important contributions that CUPW has made to struggles outside your sector. Both in Canada and internationally, CUPW has repeatedly shown solidarity with feminist, anti-racist, anti-imperialist, working class struggles too numerous to start to list. With you we raise the call “An injury to one is an injury to all!” and are honoured to stand with you now, as you have stood with workers and oppressed peoples around the world.

We are already mobilizing with labour and community activists in Ontario to support the strike and will do everything we can to help CUPW and the broader working class be victorious in this crucial struggle.

Strike to win!
Common Cause


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