Common Cause London's Statement on the EMC Lockout

Common Cause supports the locked out workers of CAW Local 27 in their struggle for a living wage. The year of 2012 has begun with a blatant attack on the working class. Electromotive Canada (EMC), owned by Caterpillar, has demanded a 50 per cent wage cut and major pension and benefit concessions. When the workers refused to accept that offer the company locked them out at the start of the year. This shows that the capitalist class, aka the 1%, is only interested in their own profits and will stop at nothing to meet this goal.

The events at EMC will set the tone for the struggle against exploitation in London, Canada, and beyond. Whether this ends in victory or defeat, this struggle is important for all working people, but we must do everything we can to win. If mobilized, the power of the labour movement can stop the bosses in their tracks.

Common Cause will support the factory workers on the picket lines, if they choose to occupy, and in other actions they decide to take. This is an opportunity for workers to take control of their own workplace - to stop being defensive and go on the attack.

We encourage other anarchists, community activists and trade unionists to mobilize in support of the EMC workers. The Ontario Federation of Labour has called for a [url=]day of action[/url] on Jan. 21 against Caterpillar. There will be a large rally to show our strength starting at 11 a.m. in Victoria Park.

If you can't make it to London for Jan. 21, talk to your neighbours and coworkers to start organizing secondary pickets [url=]at a Caterpillar store near you[/url].

- Common Cause London

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