Black Worker, White Worker

The system of white-skin privileges, while it is undeniably real, is
not in the interests of white workers as part of a class which aims
at transforming society to its roots. The acceptance of a favored
status by white workers binds them to wage slavery, makes them
subordinate to the capitalist class. The repudiation, that is, the
active rejection, through struggle, of this favored status is the
precondition for the participation by white workers in the struggle
of workers as a distinct social class. A metaphor which has been
used in the past, and which I still find appropriate, is that white-
skin privileges are poison bait, a worm with a hook in it. To be
willing to leap from the water to exert the most determined and
violent efforts to throw off the hook and the worm is the only way
to avoid landing on the dinner table. - Noel Ignatiev