Common Cause is a specific anarchist-communist organization, founded in 2007, with active branches in Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto, Ontario. We believe that anarchists must participate in campaigns for social, environmental and economic justice as an organized force in order to help spread anarchist principles of direct action, autonomy and self-organization amongst wider segments of the class. We believe that the best way of spreading these principles is through active participation in struggle, and to this end, our members are actively engaged in many different fronts of the class war, ranging from labour and community struggles, to campus organizing, Indigenous solidarity and prison abolition work. As part of our larger fight against capitalism and the State, we seek out intermediate struggles and methods that challenge the institutions of patriarchy, white supremacy and disableism that serve to divide the class and perpetuate oppressive hierarchies based on gender, sexuality, race and "ability".

For more information on Common Cause, and how you might join, please contact the branch nearest to you.

Kitchener/Waterloo: CommonCauseKW@gmail.com
Hamilton: CommonCauseHamilton@gmail.com
Toronto: CommonCauseToronto@gmail.com